Greenhouse Repair Services
Greenhouse Repair Services
Design, Construction, Maintenance, Repairs, Dismantling
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About our Greenhouse Services and experience

Here we provide more detailed descriptions of our greenhouse services,
and our wealth of experience within the industry.

Large Commercial Widespan GreenhouseWe are skilled in all aspects of glasshouse construction and repairs including:Large Commercial Widespan Greenhouse

  • Interpretation of technical drawings and plans for the purpose of building all aspects of any job in hand.

  • Ground preparation work involving control of earth moving equipment for digging and laser levelling of ground.

  • Preparation for footings for legs, side gables and floorings including steel reinforcement with or without under floor heating.

  • Erecting from legs to trusses including cross bracing gathering for water from aluminium roof bars, side bars and gable bars including pipes gables and all vents with their mechanical workings including motors.

  • Lifting and dropping of trusses and legs.

  • Use of cranes {twin 4 ton}, various forklifts and machinery.

  • Provision of drainage for rainwater, mains water and sewage waste pipe laying.

  • Construction and repair of internal gables and walkways, offices, toilets and washrooms, made from wood or any type of fabrication.

  • Finishing off - eg Fitting of doors including locks and handles, for all types of door including electrical doors, commercial up and over doors, sliding doors, both interior and exterior.

  • Welding - We have much experience of internal and on site welding. Including mig, stick and tig welding of steel and aluminium and oxy-acetylene cutting.

  • Renewal of roofs with insulation and steel sheeting.

  • Maintenance and Repair of any storm or accidental damage to vents and doors by forklifts, vehicles, human error etc.

  • Removal and replacement of single or double glass for the reglazing of any size glasshouse.

  • Demolition of greenhouses - The careful dismantling of the entire greenhouse installation, including the taking down and removal of all components and materials including glass.

  • Supply of all materials such as aluminium, steel, glass, nuts, bolts, piping and wood of all types.

  • Custom fabrication of non standard components and parts.

  • Manufacture of greenhouse components involving fabrication machinery such as manual and automatic guillotines, presses, bending and drilling machines.

Although based in Somerset in the South-West of England, any job will be considered - our professional greenhouse services being available
throughout the UK and Europe, including:

  • Holland

  • Belgium

  • France
Large Commercial Widespan Greenhouse

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

Bosman Greenhouses registered agent

As a 'Bosman Greenhouses' registered agent we pride ourselves on an efficient service where each job is tailored to your individual needs, you can be assured of a high quality job, with excellent standards of workmanship and customer service.

A large proportion of our work comes by recommendation and through word of mouth.

Please take a moment or two to look at our gallery page,
where you can see photographic examples of our high-quality work.

For free estimates and quotes at very competitive rates, please contact us by phone or email, anytime.

We look forward to providing you with the all the very best of our extensive and exceptional greenhouse services.

Bosman Greenhouses stand at a Dutch trade fair

Bosman Greenhouses stand at a Dutch trade fair

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